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Spyware Terminator effectively protects your computer from known types of spyware but also many spyware variants.

You can quickly and easily find spyware that may slow down or even crash your computer, display annoying pop-up advertisements, change your Internet browser settings or abuse your private information without your consent and knowledge. Real-Time Protection runs in the background and prevents most threats from installing and harming your computer.

Features of Spyware Terminator 2.5:

· Effectively Protects Your Computer from Spyware
· Safely Store Quarantine Detected Spyware
· Easy to Use, Easy to Setup
· Manual & Scheduled Scans Keep Your Computer Spyware-Free
· Automatically Download Updates that Keep Spyware Terminator Current

What's New in Spyware Terminator :

Powersaving options:
· This version of Spyware Terminator brings a specially designed feature for laptop users. Portable PC recognizes when the laptop is running on battery power and automatically postpones the planned scan until it is plugged in again.
Real-Time Protection Adjustments:
· The behavior of Basic Mode, one of two real-time protection modes, has been significantly modified in this version of Spyware Terminator. Problems with accidental blocking of some items have been solved. Users of Basic Mode will also receive top protection against malware with minimal alerts, thanks to our extensive database of nearly 1,000,000 items

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