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Comodo Firewall helps you to understand what is going on by analyzing each alert and providing you an intuitive, easily understandable Security Considerations section with each question it asks.

With its built-in application database, Comodo Firewall classifies more than 10.000 applications according to their risk level such as SAFE, SPYWARE, ADWARE etc. It is the only firewall which has such a big application database and which uses such a database to analyze the security risks.

Comodo Firewall Pro 3.0 is now more powerful, intelligent and easy to use than ever.

Features of Comodo Firewall 3.0 :

· Clean PC Mode
· Advanced Network Firewall Engine
· Host Intrusion Prevention System
· Powerful and intuitive Security Rules Interface
· Sleek New Graphical User Interface
· 'Smart' Popup Alerts
· Application Behavior Analysis
· Automatic 'Firewall Training' mode
· Windows Security Center Integration
· Self Protection against Critical Process Termination
· Application Recognition Database
· Automatic Updates
· Improved Firewall Event Logging
· Submit Suspicious Files to Comodo

What's New in Comodo Firewall 3.0 :

· New!! Clean PC Mode: This is PATENT-PENDING feature takes a profile of a new PC and all the applications in it and registers them as safe. Then, any new application trying to gain access to a computer will be denied access to the PC unless the user expressly permits it since it is assumed to be potentially unsafe. This feature prevents most types of malware and rootkits from getting installed and keeps a new PC virus and malware free.
· New!! Defense+ Host Intrusion Prevention System: Defense+ is one of the most advanced Host Intrusion Prevention Systems available in any desktop security program. This new addition helps to secure desktops and servers against rootkits, inter-process memory injections, key-loggers and more. Leveraging Comodo's safe-list database of nearly 1,000,000 trusted executable files, Defense+ can block malware and viruses before they ever get a chance to install on your system.
· Improved!! Advanced Network Firewall Engine: Comodo Firewall Pro has always offered the highest levels of perimeter security against inbound and outbound threats - meaning you get the strongest possible protection against hackers, malware and identity thieves. Now we've improved it again by adding new features such as Stealth Mode to make your PC completely invisible to opportunistic port scans; Wizard based auto-detection of trusted zones; Password protection of firewall settings; Diagnostics to analyze your system for potential conflicts with the firewall and much more.
· Improved!! Security rules interface: Version 3.0 gives offers more control over security settings than ever before. Users can quickly set granular internet access rights and privileges on a global or per application basis using the flexible and easy to understand GUI. This version also sees the introduction of pre-set security policies which allow you to deploy a sophisticated hierarchy of firewall rules with a couple of mouse clicks.
· Improved!! Graphical User Interface: We've completely redesigned the look and feel of Comodo Firewall to make it even easier for you to do what you need to do. The default summary screen gives you an immediate heads-up on all vital security settings and provides a central point of navigation to every part of the application. We've also built in context sensitive help throughout the program so you'll never be far from advice if you run into difficulties.
· Improved!! Pop-Up Alerts: Whenever the firewall detects a potential threat, you are immediately informed with a pop-up alert. Each alert includes a Security Considerations section which provides clear advice on whether you should allow or block a process.
· New!! Training Mode: Comodo Firewall Pro version 3.0 won't needlessly stop your workflow with alerts for applications you obviously want to trust. By selecting 'Train with Safe Mode', the firewall will learn how your trusted applications work and silently create rules for them.
· New!! Application Recognition Database: Comodo Firewall Pro now includes a proprietary and continually updated white list of nearly 1,000,000 safe executables. The integrity of every executable is checked against this database to determine whether or not it is genuine before it allows it installation rights. Firewall Pro will alert users of potentially damaging applications before they are installed. In many cases, this proactive approach averts damage from viruses or root-kits that are not known to anti-virus software.
· Improved!! Event logging: Version 3.0 features a vastly improved log management module - allowing users to export records of firewall activity according to several user-defined filters. Beginners and advanced users alike will greatly benefit from this essential troubleshooting feature.

가장 최근에 실시된 누설테스트에서 3위를 기록했다 하지만 이전까지 거의 1위자리를 내놓은적이
없었던 강력한 외산 무료 방화벽이다 3.0으로 버전업 되면서 한글패치가 작동을 하지 않는다
이전버전에 비해 아직은 잔 버그가 약간 있는것 같다 뛰어난 성능에 무료이기에 많은 중급이상 유저들이 가장 선호하는 방화벽이다
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