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Online Armor FREE is a powerful windows firewall - the only FREE firewall to offer 100% leak protection out of the box! It's easy to use, powerful - and completely free. Online Armor is straightforward, and simple to use.

Online Armor includes powerful "HIPS" functions, which give you the ability to stop all unrecognised programs from running on your computer unless you say so, making it possible to protect yourself against these new attacks. Of course, programs Online Armor knows are safe will be allowed to run, no problem.

This is different to a pure Antivirus program - these let any program run, unless they know it is a virus. This means that it must have that that exact threat in its database before it can do anything about it. Your antivirus will completely ignore programs it does not recognise - which unfortunately includes new viruses.

What's New in Online Armor Personal Firewall :

· 1160 Resolved (Fixed) ARP Spoofing FP
· 1163 Resolved (Fixed) Exclusions list column headers bug
· 1158 Resolved (Fixed) OA tries to restore non existent file
· 1168 Resolved (Implemented) Popup Optimization
· 1169 Resolved (Implemented) HIPS improvement
· 1170 Resolved (Fixed) Network detection tuning
· 1155 Resolved (Fixed) folder leftover build
· 1180 Uninstaller issue not progessing
· 1184 Resolved (Implemented) HIPS improvement (mouse control)
· 1185 Resolved (Implemented) add exclusions to the free version
· 857 Resolved (Fixed) Steam - GameOverlayUI.exe crash (Exclude directory added to OA Free)

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